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Monday, 19 January 2015

Iraqi Republican Guard - 20mm Modern

More progress, all still from Elheim.  I have actually finished the 2003 US Infantry Platoon in desert fatigues, but packed them away without photographing them (d'oh) as they're being moved to a new location.  I threw in a bit of variation in terms of the odd figure having DPM helmet covers or pieces of clothing.  As soon as I can I'll put the US infantry up, including the HUMINT team in post 2003 ACU uniforms.  In the meantime, here are some of the Republican Guard figures I completed, along with helicopter pilots/crew in ACU.

Republican Guard commander plus bodyguards escorting a Baath party member.  

Command team including a marksman armed with Dragunov SVD.

US helicopter pilots and crew chief in ACU. 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year, New Project

Naturally at the end of 2014 I was seduced by a brand new project.  I am still a massive fan of Empress Miniatures' 28mm Modern figures having purchased the entire British range, however I came across Elheim's 20mm Modern range and new I had to have some…  In addition to which I acquired a wealth of 1/72 vehicles and helos from a variety of manufacturers to support this latest rush of blood to the head.  At the moment I am putting together 2003 era US Army with Bradley IFV, M113 APC and M1A1 Abrams to support.  Ranged against them are Iraqi regulars/RG and Fedayeen backed by BMP-1, T-55, and T-72 AFVs.  I'm also working on 2003 USMC and SF groups.  In the pipeline I have a load of insurgent figures for post 2003 IZ and AFPAK, and US Army and USMC in 2004 - 2011 uniforms.  There are also quite a few CH-47, CH-46, and UH variant kits knocking about the place.  For now, here are my initial attempts at different camouflage, as I'm learning by doing on this era.  My 18mm Napoleonics have not been forgotten, and will be getting some love in 2015. 

Elheim US Army in IBA, with undercoated AFVs in the background.  This shows the stages that they go through to become the finished product.  In order to facilitate that, I am also not, repeat not, doing laters of highlights, on the camouflage and equipment, it's mostly one tone stuff.

And here is the more or less finished product, but not based.  I was reasonably pleased with the results!

USN DEVGRU Operators in the initial stage of me doing an attempt at some kind of MARPAT digicam impression.

And later on after I'd chocolate chipped my way through the other colours.  Important lessons were learned from doing this team, which will hopefully assist me in completing the others.