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Sunday, 22 May 2016

18mm Napoleonics - WIPs

A few things that are on the desk at the moment.  In fact the Austrian infantry has been completed since these were taken, and I will be using the duller uniform shade for Austrian uniforms from now on, it looks much better than head to toe flat white. 

L to R - Czatorisky, Erzherzog Ludwig, Reuss-Greitz 

Mini-diorama of French troops cheering Napoleon's arrival/presence.  

Another mini-diorama of Guard Chasseurs a Pied acting as a guard detachment for Napoleon and staff.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Austrian Cavalry

Finished two Austrian Dragoon Regiments, Nr. 3 'Knesevich' and Nr. 6 'Riesch.'  For Aspern-Essling I should have done Nr. 1 and Nr. 6 brigaded together but I didn't fancy doing black facings.  I also painted a small group of Carneville Freikorps Hussars.  I realise that I've put too much on the bases again but I wanted to use some new MinNatur bits and pieces.  I apologise of the quality of the photos also, I really did bother to highlight the horses, not that it shows.  Next I'm going to do some Austrian casualty markers, before rotating back on to units.  I've got French heavy cavalry, Guard light cavalry, Saxon heavy cavalry, Baden, French and Austrian infantry as well as assorted gun batteries and command bases waiting to go.  If anyone has any preferences as to what they'd like me to paint next let me know!

'Riesch' Dragoons on the left, 'Knesevich' on the right. 

 Nr. 3 'Knesevich' Dragoons

Nr. 6 'Riesch' Dragoons 

Carneville Freikorps Hussars