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Friday, 29 October 2010

10mm Pendraken Miniatures - American War of Independence

Some of the many shots of my work in progress AWI project. The quality of the castings in this range is just superb. For information sake, I have the 1777 campaigns in mind when painting these.

 I've painted five different uniform variations of one stand each, prior to finishing the units fully, in order to see which schemes I like. There are divergent hats, waistcoats, trousers, facings etc. in most, and certain deliberate aberrations of reality. Above are (left to right); 1st New Hampshire (in a very uniform set-up), and a unit that could be one of a number of Continental regiments, in this case I'll plump for the 2nd New York.
 Another fairly generic and uniform unit, let's say the 4th Virginia.
One of the Massachusetts regiments. 

 A pair of Royal Artillery brass 6pdrs.
 Patriot Militia battle-line. Steady and straight now, but for how long..?
A close-up of the same.
 Continental Artillery, in the form of a 5.5" howitzer.
 Some riflemen. Could be rangers, Over the Mountain men, or Philadelphia Associators or even plain old Patriot Militia Riflemen.
Continental firing line in hunting shirts. Could be any one of a number of units, but I like to think of them as either being from Delaware of Maryland.

Next time; the British are coming... redcoats sighted!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Photos Galore

Some more 6mm Napoleonics to enjoy, for an introduction, see the previous post. Please.

It Lives!

It would seem that the new blog is up and running... "Tim's Tiny Tanks" is dead, long live "Massed Miniature Marvels!" That is for the few hundreds of you out there that might have come across my previous blog in any case.

So welcome to those viewing this page for the first time, old and (mostly) new. This is intended to showcase my various endeavours in the field of wargaming. Mostly it will contain photographs of my many projects, which always seem to remain just around the corner from being completed. It will hopefully also act as a point of contact to those of you wishing to seek me out to do commission work. For now, here are a couple of snaps whilst I get this blog up and running.