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Sunday 7 November 2010

28mm American War of Independence - Perry Miniatures

I couldn't help myself. I got my hands on some of the Perry Miniatures range for the American War of Independence, and before you know it, I'm painting  the 28mm big brothers to my 10mm project of the same era. On the other hand, it'll be a nice change for people sick of my never ending stream of photos of 6mm and 10mm figures. Below are 6 stage by stage shots of a pair of chaps from the British Grenadier command pack (standing). My apologies for the quality of the camera work, as per I have had to resort to my iPhone, which means a lot of my hard work is wasted. Still, hopefully these are mildly interesting to someone!

 Oops - this one seems to have slipped out of the order of things!

A couple of front and back shots to finish with!

Monday 1 November 2010

Pendraken 10mm WWII (High Res. 2)

That seems to have worked, so here are some more, this time showing some of the Volksgrenadiers and their Fallshcirmjaeger buddies, as well as a couple of other sundry shots of some US armour and a little command vignette. Have a click of the thumbnails to bring them up and see what you think. I'm currently taking requests for the colour of the background in future!

Pendraken 10mm WWII (High Res. 1)

My father was kind enough to lend his greater knowledge of photography (and his excellent camera) to the cause to produce these shots of my American and German Ardennes collection. I'll put the rest up in a separate post whilst I see whether or not the upload process has altered the images. 

Pendraken 10mm AWI - Basing Splurge

A mixture of units at different stages of completion (both on and off my work-station). I've decided not to post more of the other units that aren't quite polished off to preserve interest. When the British Foot Regiments and Co. are done I'll pop them up independently. If I can wrangle it, I will also arrange some high-res photos too.