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Friday 23 May 2014

18mm Napoleonic Update - 1809 Project

So it's been some time etc etc. But seriously, 2014 has just been flying by, and real life has conspired to rob me of time for my wargaming/painting pursuits.  The worst is that I'm about to go away for six months, and will have no access to my many miniatures staunchly awaiting their uniforms and grassy pedestals.  I'll have to re-learn how to paint all over again! Still, I did manage a little burst early in the year, so here's a little evidence of that, which I hope you enjoy.  All figures by AB miniatures.

Austrians en masse.  

 Franco-Allied contingent. 

Two of what will be eight Grenadier Battalions.  They are specific, I just can't remember which! Let's say Scovaud and Puteani from Merville's Brigade, why not.  Nr .3 Erzherzog Ferrdinand Hussars to the rear. 

 Nr. 13 Wallach-Illyrian Grenz, Nr. 2 Mahr Freiwilliger Battalion (in a Vienna Woods scheme, because I preferred a bit of brown and red to more white and grey), Nr. 4 Vincent Chevaulegers, Nr. 1 Kaiser and Nr. 6 Liechtenstein Kurassiers. 

 One of the MANY Austrian artillery batteries, in this case a 6pdr Brigade Battery. 

 IR Nr. 22 'Koburg', screened by Jaegers.  

 The same Regiment, with IR Nr. 44 'Bellegarde' to the rear.

Infantry in greatcoats. They could be any unit, but I think I had it in mind for them to represent  26e Legere.  18e Ligne to the rear, with some sappers.  

 One 12pdr and one 6pdr Foot Artillery Battery. 

 26e Legere again. 

The Young Guard Tirailleur-Grenadiers and Tirailleur-Voltigeurs with skirmishers to the fore, commanders swirling around, and the IV Corps Cavalry to the rear.  

I've got many, many more that are waiting to be based or are undercoated and waiting for attention.  Real life has a way of getting involved all too often sadly.  I also recently bought a load of miniatures to represent one of the Saxon divisions with attached cavalry, but who wants to see a load of bare metal affixed to bases? I hope to get one more post in before I go away, so until then.