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Thursday 18 June 2015

18mm Napoleonic Update

In the meantime I have slowly but steadily been progressing through my 1809 Napoleonics.  White is a terrible colour to have to paint, especially en masse.  On the bright side, Hungarians with blue trousers halve the pain, as does giving Saxon infantry alternate trousers.  I've also found it helps to rotate between painting different things; a few units of cavalry, then some infantry, a battery of artillery etc.  And then within those categories too, so for example a few battalions of white-coated foot, then some lights or others that are in different colours or - as will become apparent - from Saxons to Hungarians.

 Obschelwitz Battalion and Tirailleurs d'Egidy.  In both cases I have largely pleased myself with their uniforms as I could find little to nothing to inform me.  The lights were based on Hessians and others, I went for red facings.  The line were just imagination. 

Regiment du Low and Regiment Niesmeschel.  They are both modelled as single large battalions, i.e. post merger due to losses during the campaign.  It's a little more aesthetically pleasing this way too.

Two large battalions of the Austrian Nr. 2 Sztaray Regiment.  I went for shakos for the Hungarians to give a little variety to the helmeted German line infantry.

Austrian Jaeger Battalion.  A mixture of rifles and muskets, some of these are more delicate castings due to being created for moulds, I was fortunate enough to purchase them a couple of years back.

All friends together in the same box!