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Tuesday 29 December 2015

18mm Napoleonic - French Cavalry

Probably the last post of 2015, here are the promised closer shots of the completed French cavalry, two regiments of Chasseurs a Cheval, two regiments of Cuirassiers, a heavy cavalry General de Brigade and a horse artillery battery.

All together.

Horse Artillery. 

Chasseurs a Cheval.


Monday 28 December 2015

18mm Napoleonics - Basing; Second Wave

Hot on the heels of the first batch of Napoleonics to ever be completely finished, a load of French cavalry and some more horse artillery about to enter the scenic phase.

Here after having static grass added.  I quite like them like this really, I think it's the uniformity.

Finished!  I'll do some closer photos later on.

18mm Napoleonic Basing Spree

Bowing to the requests for me to base a few things and acknowledging that I haven't based a single AB figure in the 5+ years I've been painting them, I went a bit crazy.  Lessons learned though; less is more. I knew this, but went a bit berserk and used everything in my collection of basing materials and had to tone a few back.  But actually some that I thought were too much have since grown on me.  The only major delay was discovering the number of horses that I couldn't be bothered to paint at the time.  Painting dozens of varied horses in retrospect is not all that fun!  So I've got a bit lazy with highlights, it should be fairly evident which.  Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxed Christmas and New Year.

Various command bases, a few skirmishers, and foot & horse artillery.

French and Saxon infantry casualties, and French cavalry casualties. 

Corps commander and three divisional commanders.

Two of the divisional commanders.

Heavy and light cavalry commanders. 

Horse artillery battery.

Foot artillery batteries. 

French cavalry casualties. 

Saxon infantry casualties. 

French infantry casualties.