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Tuesday 9 February 2016

18mm Napoleonics - Command Vignettes

I ordered a mixture of French command packs and a few others in order to begin the creation of something I've wanted to do for a long time - Napoleon himself.  It'll take the form of a very large command base, normally anything larger than a division commander's base gets a slight diorama treatment, but this one will be an all singing all dancing diorama.  Unfortunately, the base I ordered for it hasn't arrived, so here are a few of the other personalities in the meantime; ending with a teaser for the main event. 





Generic Corps Commander

 Austrian 'Battle Mad'/Breakthrough marker and a couple more casualty markers

 Dorsenne and some Guard Sappers

Baden casualty markers 

 French Cuirassier and Dragoon casualty markers

French infantry 'Battle Mad'/Breakthrough marker and casualty markers

l'Empereur!  Not all the places are quite finalised yet, and won't be until they're arranged on the base.  The pickets are slightly out of shot.  There will be a supporting vignette to the rear composed of Guard Chasseurs a Pied (as you can just about make out).  Then out of shot to one side, there will be another…

…and I'm fairly pleased with this arrangement, will hopefully be alright when it's done (in 2017)