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Tuesday 18 August 2015

1809 Napoleonics - Grinding Progress

Gradually getting through more and more white-coated infantry.  Usually I only do a battalion at a time, but I ended up doing two German battalions at the same time, and actually it didn't feel like it took that much longer.  It was also more satisfying at the end because I'd double the output! 

 Work in progress...

The most time consuming element - applying copious amounts of white.

Not pictured here, but they've now joined their compatriots in this box.  Numbers completed are filling out nicely over time!  All the other Austrians completed before now are in another box. 

Austrian command stand.  The horses did get another highlight after this. 

French light cavalry command in the uniform of the 4e and 5e Hussars.  Horses hadn't had details added yet. 

 Same detail on these casualty markers, few details added after this to the horses. 

 French heavy cavalry command, generic cuirassier model on the left with some NCOs stripes added for variation.  The horse colours haven't come out very well in this photo. 

Additional highlight to the horses, but the light is too bright!  Need to work on photography skills.  And maybe start basing some miniatures at some point this decade.