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Tuesday 29 December 2015

18mm Napoleonic - French Cavalry

Probably the last post of 2015, here are the promised closer shots of the completed French cavalry, two regiments of Chasseurs a Cheval, two regiments of Cuirassiers, a heavy cavalry General de Brigade and a horse artillery battery.

All together.

Horse Artillery. 

Chasseurs a Cheval.


Monday 28 December 2015

18mm Napoleonics - Basing; Second Wave

Hot on the heels of the first batch of Napoleonics to ever be completely finished, a load of French cavalry and some more horse artillery about to enter the scenic phase.

Here after having static grass added.  I quite like them like this really, I think it's the uniformity.

Finished!  I'll do some closer photos later on.

18mm Napoleonic Basing Spree

Bowing to the requests for me to base a few things and acknowledging that I haven't based a single AB figure in the 5+ years I've been painting them, I went a bit crazy.  Lessons learned though; less is more. I knew this, but went a bit berserk and used everything in my collection of basing materials and had to tone a few back.  But actually some that I thought were too much have since grown on me.  The only major delay was discovering the number of horses that I couldn't be bothered to paint at the time.  Painting dozens of varied horses in retrospect is not all that fun!  So I've got a bit lazy with highlights, it should be fairly evident which.  Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxed Christmas and New Year.

Various command bases, a few skirmishers, and foot & horse artillery.

French and Saxon infantry casualties, and French cavalry casualties. 

Corps commander and three divisional commanders.

Two of the divisional commanders.

Heavy and light cavalry commanders. 

Horse artillery battery.

Foot artillery batteries. 

French cavalry casualties. 

Saxon infantry casualties. 

French infantry casualties. 

Saturday 5 September 2015

Tactical Pause

I'm away until mid-December, at which time irregular service will return. 

Tuesday 18 August 2015

1809 Napoleonics - Grinding Progress

Gradually getting through more and more white-coated infantry.  Usually I only do a battalion at a time, but I ended up doing two German battalions at the same time, and actually it didn't feel like it took that much longer.  It was also more satisfying at the end because I'd double the output! 

 Work in progress...

The most time consuming element - applying copious amounts of white.

Not pictured here, but they've now joined their compatriots in this box.  Numbers completed are filling out nicely over time!  All the other Austrians completed before now are in another box. 

Austrian command stand.  The horses did get another highlight after this. 

French light cavalry command in the uniform of the 4e and 5e Hussars.  Horses hadn't had details added yet. 

 Same detail on these casualty markers, few details added after this to the horses. 

 French heavy cavalry command, generic cuirassier model on the left with some NCOs stripes added for variation.  The horse colours haven't come out very well in this photo. 

Additional highlight to the horses, but the light is too bright!  Need to work on photography skills.  And maybe start basing some miniatures at some point this decade. 

Thursday 18 June 2015

18mm Napoleonic Update

In the meantime I have slowly but steadily been progressing through my 1809 Napoleonics.  White is a terrible colour to have to paint, especially en masse.  On the bright side, Hungarians with blue trousers halve the pain, as does giving Saxon infantry alternate trousers.  I've also found it helps to rotate between painting different things; a few units of cavalry, then some infantry, a battery of artillery etc.  And then within those categories too, so for example a few battalions of white-coated foot, then some lights or others that are in different colours or - as will become apparent - from Saxons to Hungarians.

 Obschelwitz Battalion and Tirailleurs d'Egidy.  In both cases I have largely pleased myself with their uniforms as I could find little to nothing to inform me.  The lights were based on Hessians and others, I went for red facings.  The line were just imagination. 

Regiment du Low and Regiment Niesmeschel.  They are both modelled as single large battalions, i.e. post merger due to losses during the campaign.  It's a little more aesthetically pleasing this way too.

Two large battalions of the Austrian Nr. 2 Sztaray Regiment.  I went for shakos for the Hungarians to give a little variety to the helmeted German line infantry.

Austrian Jaeger Battalion.  A mixture of rifles and muskets, some of these are more delicate castings due to being created for moulds, I was fortunate enough to purchase them a couple of years back.

All friends together in the same box!

Sunday 19 April 2015

1809 - Pick and Mix

I've had a little bit of time, so I have powered through three Austrian gun batteries, some French cuirassiers, and a variety of brigade and regimental personalities.  On the workbench are the Austrian overall command base, a division command, and a variety of other bits and pieces.  I may also lose interest and/or skip around to some French line infantry or Austrian Jaegers.  Increasingly I find I don't have the patience and am conscious of time ticking on to paint intricate highlights on every last miniature, so I have simplified the way I go about my business.  It's a shame, but I'll never get through them all otherwise.  A quick comparison between miniatures painted (intermittently) in the last 18 months and those painted way back when I began painting AB Napoleonics makes it pretty obvious.

At the back an Austrian 6pdr Brigade Battery, front left (from this perspective) a 12pdr Position Battery, and a 6pdr Position Battery next to it.  I will go back and highlight the guns and gun carriages at some point, the yellow here is very garish.

12pdr Position Battery 

6pdr Position Battery 

 6pdr Brigade Battery

French Light Infantry Colonel and heavy cavalry General de Brigade.

Detail on the cavalry officer.  Leopard print was pretty taxing on my eyes. 

Austrian officers of varying rank and uniform.   

Same again.  I enjoy the variety that you get with AB personality figures. 

French 5e Cuirassier Regiment.  There are another two figures to this unit, but those were painted up separately some time back and I couldn't be bothered to dig them out. 

Same again.

Thursday 26 March 2015

18mm Napoleonics, the Revenge Of

As always with these blogs (it seems to me) I am inclined to open with an apology as to my absence due to real life etc etc… although that is again true.  However, I've had a week off to organise my life, and I've indulged myself in getting back to some serious painting.  Once again, it's been like re-learning the process, unearthing the knowledge and so on but it's been increasingly pleasurable to do so.  I know the last post was about 20mm Modern, but I've felt a pang to return to my first love, so here are some of the results of that.  A regiment of Legere and some chasseurs en tirailleur, plus some French and Saxon casualty/status markers.  As per normal, basing has been neglected in favour of getting the painting out of the way, and because basing is my least favourite activity.  Next on the table is a three battalion Ligne regiment, but don't bet on that actually being the next thing I paint. 

The latest Legere in their finished glory…maybe the 26e?  Why not.  I had fun doing some variations in epaulettes/plumes/distinctions on the elite companies, and made a conscious choice for the voltigeurs to have busbies as their regimental affectation, because why not?

More of the same.  I also gave each battalion's chasseurs different pom poms just for some variation, rather than doing individual company pom poms for each. 

Saxon casualty/status markers.  Those freshly based Austrian guns in the background will perhaps be the cause of these being employed on the tabletop one day! 

French version of the same.  I didn't do cheesy blood on many of the figures, although the chap in the brown trousers on the right I did take the time to do some splatter for; not that it can be discerned very well here.

The final French casualty markers (for now as there are others including cavalry versions).  A mixture of modern AFVs in the background - perhaps the fusilier on his knees is clapping his hand to his head in astonishment!

Monday 19 January 2015

Iraqi Republican Guard - 20mm Modern

More progress, all still from Elheim.  I have actually finished the 2003 US Infantry Platoon in desert fatigues, but packed them away without photographing them (d'oh) as they're being moved to a new location.  I threw in a bit of variation in terms of the odd figure having DPM helmet covers or pieces of clothing.  As soon as I can I'll put the US infantry up, including the HUMINT team in post 2003 ACU uniforms.  In the meantime, here are some of the Republican Guard figures I completed, along with helicopter pilots/crew in ACU.

Republican Guard commander plus bodyguards escorting a Baath party member.  

Command team including a marksman armed with Dragunov SVD.

US helicopter pilots and crew chief in ACU.