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Sunday 28 August 2011

10mm AWI Project - Hessians (Pendraken)

A quick update showing the Hessian Musketeer Regiments Von Donop and Mirbach prior to getting based. The second photo shows more of the British force as a whole, with the Light and Grenadier battalions behind, as well as a battalion of Royal Marines. On the flank half of the British regular brigade can be seen, as well as the Light Dragoons that are waiting their turn to be painted.

Thursday 25 August 2011

10mm AWI Update (Pendraken Miniatures) - Mounted Command

Finally for today, a little update on my 10mm AWI project. This has been on the back-burner for the same reasons as everything else, and naturally competes with the 1809 project for precedence. However Clibinarium's excellent sculpts are not to be denied, so I broke out the paintbrush and finished off a grenadier and LI battalion for the British, and added some errant stands to the Hessian Regiment von Donop, the New Hampshire Line and the growing number of Militia battalions. However I thought I'd share the mounted command figures with you for the moment, fresh from the workbench (although lacking a few finishing touches).

1809 Project Update (AB Miniatures)

Real life intervened on this one I'm afraid, but I've finally got back to painting my waiting ranks of gorgeous 18mm AB, so here's a quick progress update. First of all, here is my regiment of Chasseurs. I'm rattling through the horses at the moment. Normally I hate painting horses, but for these sculpts, anything!

Another view of the same next, although you might notice I have a couple of individually based troopers to complete!

I haven't neglected the infantry side of things, with the 1er/6e Legere (or possibly 10e) making an appearance...

And the first of many, MANY Austrians. Here the first of three battalions of a IR No.46 Chasteler.

That's all for not, I hope to complete the French cavalry brigades, and Legere regiment, as well as the three Austrian battalions, an Austrian 6pdr FAB and a regiment of Kurassiers! And then base them. All in due course...