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Thursday 17 March 2011

6mm Napoleonics - Russians

Today's helping - the beginning of the 2nd Guard Infantry Division (Udom I) for my 1813 project. I've begun with the famous Pavlov Grenadier Regiment; so for now, here is the 1st Battalion of that Regiment. To follow are the Leib, Finland, and Lithuanian Guard Infantry Regiments. Enjoy!

Sunday 6 March 2011

6mm Napoleonics - Prussians

I love Adler's Napoleonics range. Despite having to paint 800 Saxon infantry, 200 Cavalry, and 21 guns to complete the two infantry divisions and two cavalry brigades, when miniatures are sculpted so well, they are that much more pleasing to paint. ANYWAY.

Today's offering, a few shots of Von Klux's 9th Brigade from the Prussian II Corps (Kleist).

1. Neumark Dragoons in the foreground, keeping an eye on the Brigade's 6pdr Battery. 7th Silesian Landwehr at the rear, with the 6th Reserve Regiment at the back of the photo in the second line, 1st West Prussian Regiment in the foreground. Both have their Fusilier Battalions in line, and ahead of the Brigade but out of shot is half of the Silesian Schutzen Battalion in open order.

 2. Some of the Landwehr bringing up the rear of the Brigade.

3. The left flank of the second line, the two Musketeer Battalions of the 6th Reserve Regiment, Landwehr following.

4. Probably the best shot from these four, a close-up of the massed columns, with the Fus./1st West Prussian in the extreme foreground. There was something very aesthetically pleasing about painting these figures, particularly the simply attired men of the 7th Silesian Landwehr Infantry Regiment.

Finally, I couldn't resist posting my Napoleon Vignette again. Sometime in the not so distant future it will hopefully be presiding over a Corps plus size engagement!

Saturday 5 March 2011

6mm Napoleonics - An 1813 Campaign 'Empire V' project.

So it has admittedly been a few months since my last post. This is mainly lethargy on my part, although I have been checking back here regularly in order to keep the blog alive. In the meantime I have been working my way steadily through my latest project, namely my little 6mm Adler chums in pursuit of an 1813 Campaign OB. Having many books, and much of the actual documentation from the time knocking about, I haven't been short of information!

So here are some photos of my progress. I have been basing these with Empire V in mind, with the 15mm basing scales that are given in the rules mounting a roughly converted ratio of 6mm figures. So in lieu of 2 x 15mm castings on a bases 20mm by 13mm, I've got 6 x 6mm infantrymen instead for example. The ratios aren't hard and fast, they just happened to work out neatly in a way that conveniently filled out the available space for the 15mm measurements. 3:1 approximately for the infantry, 4:1 for the cavalry. Where there are odd numbers I always add one more figure. Anyway, enough from me!

These first two shots are of the 25th (Saxon) Division, of Reynier's VII Corps. Not shown are the two 6-gun batteries, which are just out of shot, one either side of the division. The 2nd Light Infantry Regiment and the Combined Grenadiers are leading the 1st Brigade, with 2/du Roi and 1/de Niesmenchel behind. 2nd Brigade made up of the 1,2/de Low and 1,2/d'Antoine. Reynier is at the rear left, and GdD de Sahr in the near corner.

The next is of the 24th (Saxon) Division, same Corps sans the 1st Light Infantry Regiment and the artillery, which are being done at the moment. 1/Maximilien, 2/de Rechten, and the Saxon Lieb-Garde. (In bearskins. Don't start). Behind, the Combined Grenadiers, 1,2/de Frederic, 1,2/de Steindel. Some stand in Saxon Chasseurs in the foreground.

The in the works Saxon cavalry next. VII Corps Cavalry was comprised the Saxon Hussars (8 Squadrons!) and Saxon Light Lancers. So the Hussars need double the number of bases seen here, erk! The Saxon Heavy Cavalry nearby was part of Latour-Maubourg's I Reserve Cavalry Corps, 3rd Heavy Cavalry Division, 3rd Brigade. GdB Lessing can be seen ahead of the Garde du Corps (less two bases), and the full Saxon von Zastrow Cuirassier Regiment.

A slightly closer look at the heavies. The massed effect on the 15mm bases works very nicely to my taste. The rest of the Garde du Corps are on their way.

Next post - Prussians.