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Monday 2 June 2014

A Little 1809 Affair - Empire V

I was fortunate enough to find the time to have quick game of Empire V before I depart.  Unfortunately none of the miniatures are based, and I had to use some that were only undercoated or even bare metal, but it was still a good time.  In a relatively restricted space, we played out two hours of fighting, which was enough to reach a reasonable conclusion after the French cleared the orchard and captured the farm.  Casualties were relatively even until the closing stages when a desperate Austrian cavalry attack overran multiple French guns and a line infantry battalion only to be crushed by the countercharges. 

56e Ligne captures the farm and tries to drive the 2nd Bn/Nr. 13 Wallachich Illyrian Grenz back in a firefight that went on for over an hour. 

The Young Guard stands ready in reserve in the centre.  They did nothing, but they did form squares when the distant Nr.3 Erzherzog Ferdinand Hussars grew tired of being bombarded and overran 4th Division's artillery despite heavy casualties. 

General de Division Boudet directs the movement of his infantry as the supporting brigades move up towards the orchard/wood.  The blurry 3e Legere on the right suffered heavily in multiple attacks on a determined Nr. 1 Jaeger Battalion lining the edge of the trees.  The supporting 2e Ligne outflanked the position, its 1er Bn covering itself in glory, routing Jaegers, Landwehr and then clearing the wood by driving out some Grenz in a firefight.  General de Brigade Fririon certainly earned some laurels at the head of the battalion, and suffered a minor wound in the closing stages.