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Sunday 19 April 2015

1809 - Pick and Mix

I've had a little bit of time, so I have powered through three Austrian gun batteries, some French cuirassiers, and a variety of brigade and regimental personalities.  On the workbench are the Austrian overall command base, a division command, and a variety of other bits and pieces.  I may also lose interest and/or skip around to some French line infantry or Austrian Jaegers.  Increasingly I find I don't have the patience and am conscious of time ticking on to paint intricate highlights on every last miniature, so I have simplified the way I go about my business.  It's a shame, but I'll never get through them all otherwise.  A quick comparison between miniatures painted (intermittently) in the last 18 months and those painted way back when I began painting AB Napoleonics makes it pretty obvious.

At the back an Austrian 6pdr Brigade Battery, front left (from this perspective) a 12pdr Position Battery, and a 6pdr Position Battery next to it.  I will go back and highlight the guns and gun carriages at some point, the yellow here is very garish.

12pdr Position Battery 

6pdr Position Battery 

 6pdr Brigade Battery

French Light Infantry Colonel and heavy cavalry General de Brigade.

Detail on the cavalry officer.  Leopard print was pretty taxing on my eyes. 

Austrian officers of varying rank and uniform.   

Same again.  I enjoy the variety that you get with AB personality figures. 

French 5e Cuirassier Regiment.  There are another two figures to this unit, but those were painted up separately some time back and I couldn't be bothered to dig them out. 

Same again.