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Thursday 26 March 2015

18mm Napoleonics, the Revenge Of

As always with these blogs (it seems to me) I am inclined to open with an apology as to my absence due to real life etc etc… although that is again true.  However, I've had a week off to organise my life, and I've indulged myself in getting back to some serious painting.  Once again, it's been like re-learning the process, unearthing the knowledge and so on but it's been increasingly pleasurable to do so.  I know the last post was about 20mm Modern, but I've felt a pang to return to my first love, so here are some of the results of that.  A regiment of Legere and some chasseurs en tirailleur, plus some French and Saxon casualty/status markers.  As per normal, basing has been neglected in favour of getting the painting out of the way, and because basing is my least favourite activity.  Next on the table is a three battalion Ligne regiment, but don't bet on that actually being the next thing I paint. 

The latest Legere in their finished glory…maybe the 26e?  Why not.  I had fun doing some variations in epaulettes/plumes/distinctions on the elite companies, and made a conscious choice for the voltigeurs to have busbies as their regimental affectation, because why not?

More of the same.  I also gave each battalion's chasseurs different pom poms just for some variation, rather than doing individual company pom poms for each. 

Saxon casualty/status markers.  Those freshly based Austrian guns in the background will perhaps be the cause of these being employed on the tabletop one day! 

French version of the same.  I didn't do cheesy blood on many of the figures, although the chap in the brown trousers on the right I did take the time to do some splatter for; not that it can be discerned very well here.

The final French casualty markers (for now as there are others including cavalry versions).  A mixture of modern AFVs in the background - perhaps the fusilier on his knees is clapping his hand to his head in astonishment!