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Thursday 7 July 2011

AB Miniatures; An 1809 Napoleonic Project

So it's been a while since my last post, but I must say that the weeks just seem to fly by these days. Perhaps it's my age? Anyway, since last I posted I have added some off the lovely Timecast buildings to my terrain collection. They were a pleasant change from churning out hundreds of 6mm figures, and now nicely augment my conflict-torn Saxon battlefields.

I have since decided to thin out some of my 6mm collection and begin work on (another) new project. Namely, a 15mm scale 1809 project using the AB Miniatures range. I love these 'large' 15mm sculpts and they have been a joy to work on.

Above, the first few of the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment. The horses have yet to be finished and there are certain extra details to be added, but apart from the basing they're basically there.

Next up are some of the 6th Chasseurs a Cheval - or they could be the 4th off the top of my head. A few fiddly horse details still to do. Socks, blazes, stripes, muzzles etc.

A couple of casualty markers. They don't show up so well against the patches of black they're lying on I'm afraid, but a nice bit of grass should lift them out of that! I don't know whether or not I found painting eyes onto the fallen steeds a bit unsettling once completed though.

Finally, the first of many infantry figures in the form of some skirmishing members of a Line Regiment's Voltigeur companies. The cockades to be done. I popped a rank stripe on one chap just for a bit of difference.